Quit counting calories burned. Celebrate your body!

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Q: Do you want to know an extremely effective way to deflate the endorphin rush/celebration/fun of a good workout?


A: Ignore how good you feel, and completely focus on the number of calories you burned.


Celebrate your movement. CANVA.
Seriously. The point of life is to maximize happiness, right? You make the effort to take care of your body. You buy healthy groceries. You get your ass to the gym when perhaps there are other things on your to-do list. You download the workout. You write down the workout. You make the feel-good playlist. You get your water bottle. You do your stretching and your warmup. You visualize your results. You put so much attention and effort into your dream, your desired feelings about your body.

And then you take a potentially celebratory moment of you doing something wonderful for yourself, and you focus on a three-digit number.

It is amazing how the desire for self-love can be self-sabotaged by focusing on something outside of yourself. A number on a machine.

Seriously. For the love of women and men, daughters and sons, girls and boys, babies and dogs, STOP deciding how well you’re doing by a number. STOP deciding if you’ve earned that next meal. STOP deciding if you can have a good day based on how many calories you’ve burned.

Movement is for strength. Movement is for the soul. Movement is for fun. Movement is celebration. Movement is not part of some mathematical equation that tells you if you were a “good girl” today.

There are a lot of people in this world, and I know some of them. They cannot exercise because they can’t move their limbs. Celebrate your body. Enjoy what you can do right now with it.

Very often, post-workout, I walk into the locker room and have a dance party. I even take those moves out into the parking lot, into my car, and back home while I make breakfast. I haven’t counted the calories I’ve burned in YEARS, and I’m still maintaining an 80-pound weight loss (I think so, anyway, because my clothes fit). Set a good example for the people in your life by celebrating your health.

The party starts now.