144 Code Names for Added Sugar in the Ingredient List

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Remove the added sugar from your diet, and there are two benefits you’ll be ecstatic about: your belly fat will decrease and you’ll have plenty more energy!

Added sugar has plenty of code names, though. The food industry employees a lot of tricksters, but we are smarter than they give us credit for. Check out the list below and familiarize yourself. Education is the first step in being able to make better choices. The second step is to look at the Ingredients list on your food packaging.

You want to look at the Ingredients list before you look at the Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP). If the food has fruit or dairy in it, then looking at the sugar is deceiving. “Sugar” on the NFP includes natural sugars (like those in dairy and fruit) AND added sugar.

For instance, if you look at the sugar in a fruit-flavored yogurt, you (the consumer) cannot differentiate how much sugar comes from the plain, unflavored milk and how much sugar comes from the added sweeteners. I, however, have worked on a nutrient database figuring out these things, and I know that the average 6 to 8-ounce container of flavored yogurt has about 12 grams of added sugar — a tablespoon! That’s why I always advise to purchase plain yogurt and add plain fresh or frozen fruit (unsweetened).

Dried fruit is another example. The grams of sugar per serving may be 26 grams. Look at the Ingredients list. If the only ingredient is the fruit itself, it is a better choice than if there is added sweetener. You’ll still want to watch your servings even if it is just fruit (raisins, for example).


Here are 144 “code names” for added sugar:

note: this list is pretty comprehensive, but I am sure there are more code names out there!


agave nectar

agave syrup

all natural evaporated cane juice

apple sugar

barley malt

barley malt syrup

beet molasses

beet sugar

blackstrap molasses

brown rice syrup

brown sugar

buttered sugar

cane juice

cane juice crystals

cane juice powder

cane sugar


carob syrup

caster sugar


coconut sugar

concentrate juice

confectioners sugar

corn sugar

corn sweetener

corn syrup

corn syrup solids

creamed honey

crystal dextrose

crystalline fructose

crystalized organice cane juice

dark brown sugar

dark molasses

date sugar

dehydrated cane sugar

demara sugar



diastatic malt


ethyl maltol

evaporated cane juice

evaporated corn sweeener


fruit juice

fruit juice concentrate

fruit sugar

fruit syrup



glucose fructose

glucose syrup

golden sugar

granulated fructose

granulated sugar

grape sugar

grape juice concentrate

high fructose corn syrup


honey comb

honey powder

icing sugar


invert sugar

inverted sugar syrup

invert syrup



light molasses

liquid dextrose

liquid fructose

liquid fructose syrup

liquid honey

liquid maltodextrin

liquid sucrose

liquid sugar

maize sugar

malt syrup




maple sugar

maple syrup


molasses syrup

muscovado sugar

organic agave syrup

organic brown rice syrup

organic cane juice crystals

organic coconut palm sugar

organic palm sugar

organic sucanat

organic sugar

organic raw sugar

oat syrup

palm sugar

palm syrup



pearl sugar

potato maltodextrin

powdered sugar

pure cane syrup

pure sugar spun

raisin syrup

raw agave syrup

raw honey

raw sugar


rice bran syrup

rice syrup

rice syrup solids

rock sugar

rose sugar

simple syrup

soluble corn fiber

sorbitol syrup


sorghum molasses

sorghum syrup




sugar beet syrup

sugar beet crystals

sugar cane juice

sulfured molasses

sweetened condensed milk

sweet sorghum syrup


table sugar


tapioca syrup


turbinado sugar

unrefined sugar

unsulphured molasses

white crystal sugar

white grape juice concentrate

white refined sugar

white sugar

wood sugar


yellow sugar