6 Reasons Your Diet Isn’t Working

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Call it a diet, a healthy lifestyle, a meal plan, a way of eating, nourishment, etc. Call it what you like, but if your desired results aren’t happening, then something needs to be tweaked. Below are six very common situations.   Mistake #1: Your healthy behaviors are too inconsistent. You know what gets results. Working […]

Bloated? Some Tips for Feeling Better in Your Body

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Swollen. Distended. Bloated. Yuck. We can feel miserable when our bellies are bloated. Nothing fits. You may feel fat. You may feel like there is a volleyball in your stomach. You’re self-conscious. You feel two sizes larger than you are. You want it to go away. NOW. Or is this just me? A clinical diagnosis of bloat […]

Everyone Numbs Negative Feelings. Do You Numb with Food?

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We all numb negative emotions with something. We all take the edge off. Food, cigarettes, relationships, beer, wine, liquor, shopping, staying busy, working too much, gambling, caretaking, co-dependency, gambling, affairs, chaos, perfectionism, constant change, television and the Internet. Anything ringing a bell? I’ve been reading Brene Brown’s The Gifts of Imperfection in conjunction with an […]

My Desire Map Experience: A Fresh Way To Make 2014 Feel Oh, So, Good.

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  Have you heard of SMART goal-setting? It’s when you choose a goal and articulate it so that it’s specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound. A real example from my past is, “I will rock (actionable) my new Lucky Brand jeans (specific) by April 21, 2012 (time-bound, realistic and measurable).” Many, many consistently “successful” people […]