3 Nuggets of Brilliance!

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My birthday was yesterday! I feel like I have’t aged in years. Life gets better if you do it right. My theory is that if I am open to new experiences; learn from lessons; feel all the great feelings that exist; and pile on the wisdom, then LIFE JUST GETS MORE AMAZING! All of this creates ease and flow in my life. I let go of unsupportive things, habits and people quickly. Much better habits, experiences and connections enter!

My life has felt more amazing since Danielle LaPorte has entered my life. She created brilliant books that changed how I live. I implement her genius into my coaching, routines and rituals, and relationships. Without further ado, here are three nuggets of brilliance I learned from Danielle LaPorte.


FEELINGS RULE EVERYTHING. Pay attention to how you feel. Care how you feel. If you do not like how you feel, pick a positive feeling that you are dying to feel, and find a way to feel it. There are hundreds of positive feelings. I ask all of my clients and many of my friends how they want to feel. It is incredible that the majority of people 1) have no idea, and 2) cannot list many positive feelings. I go on a beautiful feelings rant every morning. I list at least a dozen. Writing them feels fantastic (that’s why I do it — the “fantastic” feeling), and they set the tone for the day. Off the top of my head: RADIANCE. BLISS. JOY. PASSION. GRATITUDE. VITALITY. SWEETNESS. BOLDNESS. PEACE. SERENITY. EASE. FLOW. CONNECTION. ABUNDANCE. LOVE.


CREATE FEELINGS-CENTERED GOALS. If traditional goal-setting and bucket-lists are not enjoyable for you, stop doing them. Guess what? Getting what you want in life, creating what you want in life — it should feel good during the journey, not just when you get to the end result.

Example: Some people have a goal of losing X pounds. That’s a typical goal, with a journey usually filled with frustration, restriction and annoyance. What feeling is driving that goal to begin with? What do you really want to feel? Health? Confidence? Love? Acceptance? Peace? Find other, small ways to feel that desired feeling every single day. Life will feel much better and achieving your goal will be more pleasant!

Danielle’s Desire Map book and workbook has transformed my life. She helps you to pinpoint what Core Desired Feelings are driving your goals. Check out her site and goodies!




IMMERSE YOURSELF IN A POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT, with people who groove to the same happy tune as you do. Many of you know I have worked at Trader Joe’s as a crew member while building and running my business. Sure, I could quit there and go with my business full time. The time will come. The thing is — I LOVE WORKING AT TRADER JOE’S. It is a wonderful environment filled with fellow crew members that are sweet and kind and funny. Being there makes me feel my core desired feelings — Joy, Connection, Love, Joy and Expression.

Same thing goes for home and relationships. Create a pleasing atmosphere in all spaces in your home. I recall a quote from Oprah. Summarizing, “own only things that are beautiful, useful and loved.” Every single person that steps into my home comments within 5 minutes of being in there. “It smells really good in here.” “Your home is really inspirational.” “I feel inspired every time I am here.” “I love your life.” “I love coming over here.” This is because I am aware of what’s in my surroundings. Tidiness, flowers and plants everywhere, inspirational quotes in every room, pleasing colors. Feng shui works magic.

Other favorite tips related to immersing yourself in a positive environment include “Do not gossip” and “Do not complain.” I’ll tell you this — I work with about 80 people. I’m sure there is gossip. I am the last person to know anything, if I even find out at all!! Do you know why? I don’t gossip. I don’t like gossip. I don’t even like gossip magazines or gossipy people. It’s the Law of Attraction at its finest. If you gossip, people will come to you with gossip. If you don’t gossip, you won’t hear it. Same thing goes with complaining.

I have a friend at work. She’s wonderful and we have many nice conversations. I see her from afar (and occasionally overhear her) talking about other happenings and people. Guess what? A) That’s gossip. B) None of our interactions ever include those things. I don’t put it out there that I entertain gossip, so people don’t come to me with it! It’s a blessing!


More brilliance and inspiration coming to you in the future. Until then, implement something you learned here in your life TODAY.