3 Questions when you feel STUCK in any area of your life

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My greatest, spontaneous inspiration happens when I’m lifting weights. Today, as I counted to 10 for a little-known, but effective exercise called Pallof Presses, I thought how I’ve created the body of my dreams, the most amazing friendships, and an incredible relationship to myself. I felt compelled to share with you why I believe I’ve been so effective at creating my dream life.


The creation process of my body has felt FUN, and every minute of exercise I do is PURPOSEFUL. I don’t spend any more time in the gym than I have to, and I only do exercise that I love. That’s why I lift weights, bike outdoors, take walks with my clients, do burpees and push ups, and only run if it’s interval running. Everything I do is enjoyable AND is working in my favor.


The litmus test for everything I keep in my life:

Think about an area of life that’s got your attention majorly these days. Is it work? Is it your romantic relationship? Is it your group of friends? Is it home redecoration? Is it your body? Is it your health? Is it your daily routine?

Now, here’s a tool you can use to decide whether you’d benefit from quitting something, and finding another solution (or even another romantic partner).



Our main priority in life is to FEEL GOOD. It’s the pre-requisite to success, not the outcome of success. It’s also our responsibility to make sure we feel good, not anyone else’s responsibility!

When we feel great, everything goes swimmingly. Have you ever noticed that? Events are synchronistic, cool opportunities come our way, chores get done easier, friendships feel good, etc.

If it doesn’t feel good, stop. Think. Let’s use my exercise example. I lift weights and I love it. I don’t like Zumba. I don’t enjoy aerobics. I don’t enjoy group exercise classes so much. I don’t care for spinning. So I don’t do them! In order for the magic result to happen, you’ve gotta love what you’re doing AND it must serve a purpose.

Do you have a friend that annoys you, or that you feel obligated to hang out with occasionally? If it doesn’t feel good, stop! You’re not a bad person for not wanting to spend time with them. Some friendships have their season. Lose the guilt. Let it go easily and peacefully.

Are you in a relationship that doesn’t feel good? If it’s simply comfortable or familiar, but it doesn’t “light you up” anymore, then it’s not benefiting you. Don’t settle. Either amp up the joy, or get out.

move forward


Sometimes what feels good is also serving a purpose. Sometimes what feels good is not moving you forward, though. For example, you may enjoy Spinning. It serves the purpose of you having fun while moving your body! However, if you are doing Spinning to lose body fat, you ought to think again. Steady-state aerobic activities (like Spinning) are the least effect kind of exercise to improve your body composition. Strength training and interval training are the absolute best ways to lose fat and improve body composition.

Let’s take another example. You have a fun job! (I hope you do!!) It serves the purpose of feeling good, which is uber-importante, but what if it’s not moving you forward toward your life goals and dream career? This is what happened to me. I worked at Trader Joe’s for 4 years. This was the absolute best and most fun job I’ve ever had in my entire life. I loved every single thing about my job there!! However, deep in my heart I know I am meant to have a career as a professional speaker, and spend my life helping women to love their bodies and improve their lives. I quit Trader Joe’s last month because the job was done filling its purpose for me.

I just met with a women who called me for a motivational pep talk about an old relationship she’s still healing from. She was with this man for 3 years. She knew for certain that relationship had both served its purpose and stopped being fun 2 years ago. She stayed in it because it was comfortable, and she looooves having a companion. She finally ended it a couple months ago, knowing that there was a purpose for the relationship, but also being honest with herself that it was done.

Is your job or career, a friendship, or a romantic relationship, or even a habit that you have not fitting both of these criteria? If so, it’s time to examine them, explore options, pray about it, and make decisions to benefit your physical, emotional, and social health.

Here is a third question:

Did you answer those questions honestly?

Every so often, we kid ourselves. We say, “YES, this relationship feels good!” when what we really mean is that 25% of the time it feels good. Guess what? That’s not enough.

Ask yourself if you answered those two questions honestly. Use your heart and intuition to answer them. If you are being truthful, you can feel it. If you are deceiving yourself, you’ll feel tense.


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