3 Tips for Mental Clarity

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3 Tips for More Clarity



the incredible feeling of clearly knowing the best choice for you

mental sharpness

the easy recognition of what feels good to you






What do you want at the grocery store? Do you want to go on vacation this year or not? Which errand do you run first? What recipes do you make for your Saturday night guests? Do you buy those shoes? Do you ask that girl out on a third date? Do you spend the cash on a toy for your kid, or do something nourishing for yourself? Do you hire a trainer at the gym or buy an e-book program? Do you look for another job right now, or wait it out?

Life is full of decisions and choices, big and small. The small daily decisions are no less important than the biggies. Every choice creates a feeling. With vibrant clarity, each good decision makes you feel better about your life. With a foggy mind, your decisions feel more like a guess. The less clarity you have, the more dissatisfied you are.

The good news is you can intentionally do things to create more clarity. There will be fewer “I don’t know what to do’s” and more, “wow, that feels right’s.”

Clarity comes more easily when you’re in tune with your intuition and you follow its guidance. Hear your intuition better with these tips:



Here’s why:

Stop eating junk and you’ll realize how much clarity and vitality you’re capable of. Most people walking around have no idea just how great they can feel.

Alcohol is a good way to get fuzzy thinking. Too much caffeine and not enough water makes it really hard to make a clear decision. Eating sweets every day drags your vitality down, and this makes it hard to hear your inner guidance.

Stay super hydrated with filtered or electrolyte water. Eat foods that feel alive, like fresh fruit and vegetables. Really dial down the alcohol and caffeine to every once in awhile. When you eat, be present and mindful to stop eating before you get too full. Stop eating when you’re about 80% full. Cut down on the bread, pita chips and crackers.

Eat more plant-based foods than animal foods. Plant-based foods include produce, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Everyone’s ideal daily diet will be different. You can figure out the best way for YOU to eat by paying attention to how you feel during and after a meal. Do you feel more energized and alive? Or do you feel like you need a nap? Does your stomach feel uncomfortable and bloated? Or does it feel good?

Cauliflower in the form of the human brain on a white background



Here’s why:

The point of meditation is not to stop your thoughts, but to create time and space to notice them without chasing them down. Meditation also serves to regulate your breathing. You take deeper breaths and bring oxygen deep into your belly rather than just shallow breathing into your lungs. More oxygen to the organs helps all your systems including digestion and cognition.

Meditation also helps you to calm down and create some peace. It gets you to stop being productive and simply start “being.” Meditating 10-20 minutes a day will change your life by creating more clarity to hear your inner guidance. There are a lot of other benefits, as well as books and methods to meditate. If you’re new to meditation, simpler is better.

Sit somewhere pleasant and quiet – I like to sit by my balcony in the sun – focus on a beautiful flower or tree outside, or close your eyes. Sit up straight and relax your face, neck, shoulders and hands. Gradually breathe a little deeper and deeper. Give your focus to the breath to calm racing thoughts.


Ideas Lightbulb



Here’s why:

Our physical environment is usually an accurate mirror to our inner life. If you don’t have any free space in your environment, you probably don’t have much free space in your mind. If you can’t see a shiny reflection in the mirror, or see well outside your windows, then you probably aren’t seeing something clearly in your life either.

Shoving things in drawers makes things worse. It’s like stuffing down emotions or pretending like a problem doesn’t exist. Not only do you need to clear the walkways, hallways and counter space, but you need to go through drawers, closets and containers. This can literally take years for some people who collect and don’t throw away. But if you do a little bit every week, it really adds up. Sometimes simply cleaning out one drawer can make you feel more clear-minded! Don’t underestimate the power of de-cluttering bit-by-bit.


Notice the difference:

  • Sit at a super cluttered kitchen table and do some thinking about something you feel unclear about. Does it help to be surrounded by piles of unchecked mail and things to be put away? Did you feel inspired to find a great-feeling solution?
  • Brainstorm for a creative work or family project while sitting at a messy desk. Tomorrow, completely clear off your desk and wipe it down. Then sit there with paper and a pen, and notice how much more clearly you think.
  • TRY to relax in a messy living room. Now really relax in a living room that’s clean and tidy. What feels better?


Remember your environment plays a big part in how good you feel, therefore influencing how well you make decisions.


You can create more clarity in your life right now. From what you read, what do you need to do? Start small and be consistent. Be fully committed to bringing more clarity into your life.