6 Tips for Making Goals more FUN and less PRESSURE.

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Six women sat excitedly around a table in my home. It was a cozy weekday evening in early November, a couple years ago.

We began with a question I’m sure they hadn’t been asked before. (I’m the Queen of Unusual Questions).


Me: “How does goal-setting make you feel?” (in regard to weight/body/food)


I watched their faces as they wrote down their answers privately. Scrunched.


They shared:

“Excited at first, but then I immediately anticipate failing.”

“Anxiety. Failure. Pressure.”

“I usually like goals, and start off strong, but then it’s too strict and I end up giving up.”

“Don’t like them at all. Anxiety. “



If the goal is the dream; If the goal is because you want to feel good; If the goal is supposedly a good thing, then WHY do we set goals if they make us feel badly?


Goals are not a terrible thing to have. But isn’t it ironic that we would set an anxiety-producing, restrictive, hard-to-adhere to goal, if the point is to feel good?

“But I’ll feel good in 6 weeks.”

Yes, but it won’t last. It really, probably won’t last if you go about it as a “6-week goal.” If you place “satisfaction” or “health” in the future, you are chasing that feeling. It will always seem to be out in front of you.


SIX tips on making goals feel better so you get better results and have more fun?

  1. Make sure your intention is healthy and you’re doing it because you care about yourself.
  2. Set a goal that you feel CONFIDENT you can accomplish.
  3. Set a goal that feels empowering, not because you currently don’t feel worthy.
  4. Infuse the “plan” to reach your goal with creativity, inspiration, fun, and joy.
  5. Leave room in the goal for you to be imperfect.
  6. Celebrate your little wins every day, not just a reward at the end.