A Peek into my November Goals that are NOT “Goals.”

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Have you ever found an old notebook or journal, leafed through it, and asked yourself, “What was I thinking?!?”

I recently found a goal list from 2011. It had about 15 detailed goals including drinking enough water every day, eating a certain number of vegetables, walking 150 minutes a week, lifting weights 3-4 days a week, meditating once a day, and about 10 other things that I knew cumulatively would “get me a better body.” SMART goal overload.

Apparently I was trying to get my shit together by being a perfectionist. That never works by the way. It’s overwhelming. It’s rigid. And it’s totally not coming from a place of honoring your body. Making a big ol’ goal list might feel like you’re on a mission to be healthy, but honestly it comes from a place of fear and not feeling good enough.


I’ve dabbled with some new ways of embodying vitality, lightness, health, wellness, self-love, clarity and joy. They feel better.



Here is what I wrote in my gorgeous journal today, for my November “goals.” I slipped into eating lots of sugary Trader Joes treats lately, and rather than writing something like “Don’t eat any foods with added sugar,” I carefully chose to focus on clarity, vitality, and whole foods. It’s simple, doable, and refreshing.





Thank you for being supportive!!!

Thank you for supporting my CLARITY! With daily meditation each morning and before bedtime, and with so much water that I pee at least every 1-2 hours.

Thank you for supporting my VITALITY! By helping me choose to eat whole, single, simple foods that make me feel alive.

Thank you for helping me LOVE being in my BODY this month by doing yoga, dance, walking, running, kettlebells, and core work like planks and pushups.

I’m approaching November by choosing to focus on thoughts, words and feelings that I want MORE of. I’m choosing to focus on my self-care. My only true job is to LOVE myself and do things that support my wellness.

When I’m feeling full of myself, high on wellness and PRESENT in my life, then my creativity, service to others, and RADIANCE is amplified.