Create a Breakthrough with this Brilliant, Simple Advice

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words are our most inexhaustible source of magic



I want to rock your world with my best advice for creating a breakthrough:

You have the power to create your own reality and future with your beliefs and your words. 


I am brilliant at busting through plateaus. Some ways are by strength training, interval training, improved consistency in healthy eating, diet modification, and better sleep. Those are a few of many tactics that work, but when you’ve found that you practiced all the best tips, and you are still “stuck,” I know what you can do.


You created the body you currently have with your past beliefs and stories. Seriously, you created the body you’re in with your beliefs and what you talk about. Words are magic. Words are powerful. Words create your reality. You want to be smart about what you talk about.


Have you ever said to yourself, your family or friends any of the following things?


  • “I always start out strong, and then I _______ (quit, stop, slack off).


  • “I lose weight, and then I gain it back, then I lose it again, then I gain it back.”


  • “I can never get rid of fat ______ (on my backside, on my lower tummy, on my arms, everywhere).”


  • “I lose my motivation after awhile.”


  • “I’m too fat to fit in those pants.”


  • “I can’t fit in ______.”


  • “I’ve always been weaker on my lower/upper body strength.”


  • “I can’t get rid of these last _____ pounds.”


  • “Something always throws me off track.”


  • “I’m so busy, and that makes it hard to consistently take care of myself.”


  • “I’ve tried so many programs and approaches, and none of them seem to work for me (permanently).”


  • “I can’t get below a size ____.”


  • “It’s harder for me to lose weight than it is for ________.”


  • “I feel gross.”


Or anything along these lines.



Let me tell you something. When you tell that story, you continue to create that reality. You perpetuate the cycle. If, over years, you’ve told the story that “losing weight is hard for me,” then guess what?! Losing weight will continue to be hard for you.


Caring about how you feel, and caring about the words you say aloud and to yourself is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE.


you are what comes out of your mouth


This is what you want to say to feel and look better:


“I am gradually getting leaner.”


“Preparing meals ahead of time is getting easier for me.”


“Eating well is easier than I thought.”


“I am getting better at taking care of myself.”


“I can fit into some of my smaller clothes now.”


“I am feeling more confident at making changes.”


“I have been consistent at eating more vegetables.”


“I am the decision-maker of my health.”


“I feel much better working out than I do watching tv.”


“Eating healthy can be affordable because I am a smart shopper.”
“I have all the resources I need to get into shape.”


“I am getting better at prioritizing my health.”


“I am strong.”


“I feel a little sexier every day.”


“I am becoming a role model for my friends and family.”


“I feel inspired today.”



What words and stories are happening in your world? What reality are you creating for yourself? What words are coming out of your mouth?


Starting now, vow to only SPEAK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT. A lean body, a strong body, to fit into your tight jeans really well, to make time to take care of yourself, to be flexible, to eat healthy foods. If you want it, talk about it in positive light. If you don’t want it, quit talking about it. (Same thing goes for your relationships, work, finances, etc.)


When you speak to your friend about your workouts/diet/health program, don’t say “it’s hard but I’m doing it.” Say “it’s easier than I thought it would be” or “I am doing well and I’m proud of myself.”


I am continually improving my own body (strength, balance, leanness) by focusing on improving my words and beliefs. I was working out with a friend last week and I gave her a single-leg exercise to do. She said, “I have terrible balance.” I said, here’s my trick because I used to say that: while you are doing the exercise, continue to say aloud or in your head, “balance, balance, balance, my balance is improving, I can balance well, balance, balance.” I had minor surgery on my ankle two years ago, and had kept telling myself that I didn’t have good balance. Months ago, I tried my new tactic, and guess what? My balance for single-leg exercises has improved noticeably.


Your words are magically powerful. Be the genius creator you are, and begin creating a new, improved reality for yourself with your words.


Today I feel positively...