3 Questions when you feel STUCK in any area of your life

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My greatest, spontaneous inspiration happens when I’m lifting weights. Today, as I counted to 10 for a little-known, but effective exercise called Pallof Presses, I thought how I’ve created the body of my dreams, the most amazing friendships, and an incredible relationship to myself. I felt compelled to share with you why I believe I’ve […]

Crazy Cool Promotion! $50 Trader Joe’s Grocery Store Tours until March 23

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Hi friends!   There are some very cool things coming to Erin Dubich Nutrition this year. I’m kicking off the “pre-Spring” season with a jam-packed grocery store tour schedule. A record-breaking number of tours will help you all, and it will help me to design virtual grocery store tours! See my video “All About Erin’s […]