3 Tips for Mental Clarity

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3 Tips for More Clarity   CLARITY. the incredible feeling of clearly knowing the best choice for you mental sharpness the easy recognition of what feels good to you       YOUR LIFE IS A SERIES OF CHOICES. What do you want at the grocery store? Do you want to go on vacation this […]

Your Slight Edge Makes You Sexy

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  Have you read The Slight Edge? I didn’t read the whole book, but I don’t need to. Its powerful message is clear in the beginning. You can integrate it today! That’s even faster than Amazon Prime.   Integrate what’s important to you every day in a small way. It makes a significant impact over time […]

Do, or do not. There is no “try.”

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I’ve spent hundreds of hours working the register at Trader Joes. When someone buys a lot of healthy items (somehow managing to escape the intoxicating deliciousness of their candy, chocolates, and bakery items), I comment. “You’re a healthy eater, yes?” or “I see you got a lot of healthy foods today.”   “I’m trying,” mostly […]