Crazy Cool Promotion! $50 Trader Joe’s Grocery Store Tours until March 23

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Hi friends!


There are some very cool things coming to Erin Dubich Nutrition this year. I’m kicking off the “pre-Spring” season with a jam-packed grocery store tour schedule. A record-breaking number of tours will help you all, and it will help me to design virtual grocery store tours!

See my video “All About Erin’s GROCERY STORE TOUR: A Walking Nutrition Consultation” at

If you are ready to schedule a tour with me, then go here:

You can also send a quick email to, or send me a message on Facebook on my Erin Dubich Nutrition page. Tours are available at Trader Joe’s in Orland Park, IL and LaGrange, IL. This promotion gives you a $50 tour if you schedule your tour before March 23!



Some PERKS of grocery store tours with me:


* They are personalized for your goals. Most of my tours over the last three years have been focused on getting people to lose the fat they want to get rid of forever! Tours are personalized for controlling diabetes, hypertension or high cholesterol. Some of my tours help people to get an all-around healthy makeover for their family. Whatever sections of the store you want to focus on, we’ll do it!


* They help you to feel confidence, peace and empowerment about food choices and meal-making. How many times have you been in the store making assumptions and guesses about the nutrition in your purchases? I’ve worked on nutrient databases, on food labeling projects (at MIT), and in a grocery store. I can teach you about any and everything related to food and nutrient content.


* It’s invaluable information that you will use for the rest of your life. This is a one-time investment for information you will always have.


* I am a WEALTH of information. I have hours and hours and hours worth of information I can potentially teach you about on the tours. This is a 90-minute free-for-all opportunity for you to ask all your burning questions about what you can buy.


Plus much more!