Do You Only Start Over on Mondays?

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* The best moment to re-commit is now. Your power and freedom are in the present. If you wait “until tomorrow,” you place your good feelings in the future. You don’t want to feel good tomorrow. You want to feel good now.

* You have healthy food in the kitchen. You have not-so healthy food in there too. You always have a choice. Choose health. Choose lightness. Choose clarity.

* Healthy or delicious? Which would you rather?! Both. Always choose both. I don’t mean to order fried zucchini with a salad, haha. I mean: Eat healthy dishes that taste really good. One of my “rules” for myself is that I enjoy food. If it’s healthy but not tasty, I don’t eat it. If I don’t like walnuts, I don’t eat them. If I don’t like chia seeds, I don’t eat them.

Imagine all the choices you make in one week, that have to do with what you eat, when you eat, how you eat, etc.

With each choice that feels aligned with your soul, you feel powerful over your life in the BEST, most satisfying way.

Choose well. Feel empowered.