Does Your Wardrobe Reflect the NEW You?

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Today I read this:


 Does what I wear reflect who I am?

“when you look back at your old photos, you want to see yourself happy and radiant. So whatever clothes you wear should make you feel beautiful, individual and comfortable in your own skin. If that’s how you feel, that’s how you’ll look.”


This resonates with me on two levels.



I have had a total clothes makeover. Over the years, I lost fat and built muscle. I discovered my shape underneath. A few honest, kind people told me the truth about what complimented my “new” body. I bought skinny jean leggings, tops that cling to my arms, and jeans that compliment my growing booty (thank you, barbell hip thrusts). Recently, I bought a one-piece black romper that I wouldn’t have bought if I was on my own. My best shopping partner said even if she didn’t know me, she’d stop me on the street to say how cute it looked on me. A few years ago, that piece may not have looked so good.

The opposite happens, too. I sometimes try on the occasional top, skirt or dress that my shopping partner will say does not flatter my “new” body. Clothes that worked years ago don’t do my new bod justice.



I want to look how I feel. Self-confidence has grown tremendously. Creativity has taken the front seat. Fashion is a growing interest of mine. Colors and patterns are a representation of personality. For years, I wasn’t super interested in standing out. Maybe you haven’t been, or aren’t, interested in being noticed by what you wear. You don’t have to stand out across the room, but you can still use clothes to express the “new you.” Now I know who I am. I am meant to shine. I want to dress to fit my mood. I want my clothes to make me feel and look as [sunny] as I do on the inside. Fill in the blank. Maybe you’d write sexy, funky, sweet or a combination of adjectives. Perhaps you want to express how you feel with your clothes, and that feeling varies day-to-day.


when in doubt, wear red


What we wear can be an indicator of what’s going on internally.


wear fabulous underwear


Upgrade what you are wearing! Do this whether you have a new physique to reveal, or a few subtle body changes from your new health journey. It can improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. It can also increase the quality of your daily experiences.


Start Now!


if you're going to kick ass


  • Dress for your future self. If you are set on becoming more active for the long-haul, go out and get yourself a pair of good-quality athletic shoes! You should do this for proper body mechanics during exercise, particularly walking, running and cycling. Cool new high-quality gear helps you to play the part. Recognize the characteristics you associate with a certain piece of clothing. Years ago, I bought a dark red dress from The Limited. I associated that dress with a womanly figure. That was when my middle body fat was finally shedding and I was discovering my waist. I was on the cusp of “finding my figure” and that dress represented a characteristic that I was just about ready to embody.


leopard, red


  • Try out some colors and patterns you are curious about. I have collected many bright clothes over the last couple years. I love bold colors, especially in red, purple, yellow and blue hues. Years ago, I had no interest in eye-catching colors because I didn’t want attention. I have my Venus in Leo, though. As it turns out, I’m wired to show off a little with bright colors. These colors resonate with me internally — my personality, emotions, outlook and moods.


fun and flattering


  • Update a few key items in your wardrobe. Doing so acknowledges the value you put on yourself and the changes you are making in life.


  • Get in-between pieces from consignment stores. If you anticipate losing a couple pants sizes this year, buy your jeans from a consignment store since they may only be useful for a number of months.


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