Eat Slowly. Here’s why.

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Eating is an opportunity for me to slow down. Many of us think about food all day long, and then hurriedly gobble it down without much breathing or chewing. Or we distract ourselves with tv, texting, and work. It’s disrespect and a disservice.

This afternoon I sat at my beautiful, clean kitchen table enjoying a hot bowl of oatmeal, made on the stove with a perfectly ripe banana and the best bourbon maple syrup you’ll ever taste.

For the first several minutes, all I could think about was how I REALLY WANTED the homemade Irish scones I “hid” on the top of my freezer.

Then I thought about how I had those awesome hot oats (don’t underestimate the joyful comfort of oatmeal), and I wasn’t even paying attention to them because I was fixated on something else.


oatmeal - delicious
It reminded me of how we are always wanting more (which is totally cool), but often without any gratitude or reverence for what is right in front of us.

A good lesson for myself today — that’s why I am fully present when I eat. No reading, no tv, no chores, no texting. I don’t even put my phone on the table.

You owe it to yourself to be fully present — not just with your food, but with your friends, your work, and yourself.