Feeling Meh? 7 Ways to Increase Your Desire

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Life is nothing



What makes you yearn for something BIG?

Maybe it’s a new career or your own home. Perhaps you badly want to make peace with a family member, or to quit smoking cigarettes. Do you want to create a body that is strong, healthy and lean? Do you want to stop numbing negative emotions with food? Maybe you want to create a simpler lifestyle for yourself.

What makes you REALLY want to make a change? What is the moment at which you decide to stop overspending and save some money for a home?  What would it take to deal with your anxiety in a healthier way than smoking cigarettes? What are you willing to sacrifice to get a healthy body?

You must want it badly, and you must have a very good reason why. A reason that resonates with your soul.


it'll happen


I love the topic of desire.

I’m pretty intense and I am often in touch with what my soul desires. The length of time I’m deeply connected to what I want waxes and wanes, though. Sometimes I’m working toward something I want for weeks. Sometimes I work to fuel the desire daily. My desire to do what it takes to get what I want has been low recently. I’ve been exploring new ways to fan the desire fire; to get the flames higher on a regular basis. I am boosting my creativity/creation. I am moving away from number-oriented goals and moving toward feelings and emotions that make my soul feel good.

Desire is essential to success. If you have the desire to [fill in the blank], then you will be more likely to achieve it.

Desire is power. When you recognize and own your desires, you have the power to re-direct your mind to achieve your goal. Align your thoughts, actions and words with your power. Magic happens.


Fuel your desire with these ideas:

  1. Replace the negative things and people in your environment with positive ones.
  2. Get creative. Use your hands. Dance. Sing. Spend some time every day marrying the mind and body.
  3. Fill your life with empowering information and people.
  4. Recognize things you can put in your daily ritual that move you toward what you want. A daily walk. Meditation. Reading a certain quote, mantra, or passage in a book.
  5. Create a vision board. This is my favorite way to shake up my desires.
  6. Figure out WHY. You must understand and connect with why you want to achieve something, or you will feel unfulfilled.
  7. Take immediate action. Throw the cigarette carton away now. Go out and buy a pair of pants that you will fit into in 4 weeks. Put $20 in an envelope for that special BIG thing you’re saving for.