Loveable. Adventurous. Hot. Free. Bold. Open. Contagious Enthusiasm. If you have met Erin Dubich, you’ll know that I could go on and on and on. The magic of this positively wonderful woman is her ability to drop in immediately to her core desired feeling and like a magnet pull all others in to meet her. As capable of helping you to sculpt your tight booty as she is of leading you to make food choices that work as she is of inspiring a room full of young women to live full out now to intuiting exactly the words that increase your resonance with magic, Erin is designed to bring big, bold and lasting results to women young and older who have the pleasure of working with her. Erin, your light is so bright, your generosity so big, the world is a more fun place because of your willingness to live boldly!

– Wendy K. Yalom, award-winning photographer at www.wendykyalom.com





After our first call, I felt inspired, understood and renewed. I felt so much clarity.

It’s hard to narrow it down, but here’s my best attempt at summarizing some of the things I’ve learned so far:

  • Make friends with my body, do things because I love my body
  • The importance of identifying core desired feelings and honoring them
  • The idea that I’m not changing, but just becoming truer to myself
  • “Chaos precedes order,” reassuring me that even when things feel like they’re breaking down, it means it’s a chance for something new to be built
  • Working on starting my day in a way that will set the tone I want to day to have
  • That it’s okay to experience the feelings I’m having
  • How to learn to feel at home in my body
  • Not relying on outside sources for a certain feeling
  • Being content

These are some things that have made a huge impact in the quality of my life and are helping me move more towards living a life that I love. You’ve helped show me and teach me these things by listening with love and understanding and somehow having the ability to understand what I’m trying to say even if I can’t put it into words.

You’ve done a great job showing me support during this process without ever putting pressure on me to make certain changes or do certain things, allowing me to learn to follow my own intuition and trust myself. It’s definitely challenging to try and sum up everything you’ve taught me so far, but I hope this at least gives you an idea, and I really look forward to continuing to work together!

– Lizzie, 21, senior in college, advertising/marketing major

(October 2016)



“You take care of your body — on a physical, spiritual and emotional level — more than anyone else I’ve met.”

-Dr. Ryan Gawron, Primal Chiropractic



“I have struggled with overeating and emotional eating my whole life. Growing up, in a house of 6, food went hand in hand in hand with fear. There was always this focus on never having enough. And since we never had enough, it was imperative to finish everything in your bowl, even if your stomach bulged and ached in surrender.

I moved out when I was 18, and in with my boyfriend. We had a car and minimum wage jobs. The only thing we spent our money on was fast food. I went crazy. All of my life, I had been so restricted. Given the opportunity, I fell down a slippery slope. I feel it’s important to know, people who grow up not eating processed foods fall off the wagon too. It’s okay though, don’t berate yourself, this why we have sought out Erin, right?

Over the years I have tried every diet plan and exercise routine that carried false promises. While the infomercials never quite worked for me, having a beach body in 20 days was appealing. I once gave myself injections under the promise of losing 1 lb a day, with the condition I eat a very restricted diet. I lost weight, but I never changed my lifestyle.

That’s the thing about weight, it’s more mental than anything else. What I love in particular about Erin is her communication. She speaks slow and soft. Every word bathes over the entirety of my body with love. The love punctures each cell, and reminds them they are loved and worthy. It reminds me of when toddlers act out. Even if you don’t have any experience with kids, we’ve all seen that stressed mom at Target, yelling at her kid(s). She makes a huge scene; her disappointment is crystal clear. Sometimes it works, and this is by no means about parenting. Erin is the mom who gets down to the toddler’s level. She makes eye contact, perhaps puts an encouraging hand on the child’s shoulder. She is direct with her delivery, while still assuaging old wounds. She is understanding and compassionate. Taking toddlers out of the mix, as an adult, I tend to put all of my needs last. Erin is a reminder, in the best way.

She told me, “when you eat, be 100% in the moment. No distractions. No cell phones, no tv. Eat twice as slow.” Now she isn’t the first person to tell me this. But her inflection and delivery are so sincere and heartfelt, I wanted to listen to her. If you have trouble identifying with what I am saying, think of used car salesman. They are often described as “fast talking”. See where I am going with this? I will just let that sink in.

All of the money I have invested in gym memberships, fancy diet plans have been a bandaid. Change has to happen from the core out. Invest in yourself for something that addresses all components of eating. Allow yourself to receive the love and wisdom, of someone who has been in our shoes. The only regret you will have is, “why didn’t I do this sooner?!”

Marie Thacker, 27, superstar mom and superstar MAC manager @ Nordstrom

(June 2016)



For some reason, I just never learned how to make the most of my trips to the grocery store and for years was intimidated by choices and options. But Erin patiently walked me through everything and pointed out all the key things to look for when choosing things like cuts of meat and options for salads and different types of carb options and condiments and dairy and cheeses and so on and so on. She even gave me a basic primer on vitamins and supplements and we made a stop in the wine section!

I left feeling confident and excited about doing more of my own cooking and gaining much more positive control over what I put into my body. Thanks so much for the great tour today, Erin! I learned so much and enjoyed my time with you. Thanks for your patience in answering my questions.

Kirk Kicklighter

(June 15, 2015)



I am very thankful for the opportunity my wife and I had to learn from a dietician as knowledgeable as Erin in the setting of a grocery store where we shop. Being around all of the items I typically purchase prompted me to ask many questions I otherwise would have only thought to ask on my way home….

During the tour I gained an intense appreciation for how much added sugar I was consuming, and I already have specific ideas to lower my daily sugar intake:

  1. i) I plan to use natural peanut butter instead of creamy peanut butter
    ii) I plan to decrease the sugar I consume in liquid forms
    iii) I plan to eliminate my use of creamy salad dressings.

I appreciated Erin’s thoughtful and balanced approach to nutrition and food choices, as well as her nonthreatening communication style.

The tour went by very fast, and I feel better prepared to eat a healthier diet that will help me achieve my weight running goals and my weight loss goals.

David Claud, MD

(December 18, 2013)




I have been working with Erin for the past six months. It was the best choice I could have made. Erin has helped me make smarter food choices for everyday living. And with her help, I have been working on a clean eating life style.  She has helped make my weight loss journey successful with her encouragement and wisdom.  I love working with Erin because she is knowledgable about nutrition, supportive and encouraging. Especially since she has been through her own weight loss journey and is willing to share her personal struggles and successes. Erin does not just talk the talk, but she walks the walk.

– Kim G.


Erin was one of the first people that I talked to when I joined the Fit Code Boot Camp.  I wanted to consult her because I knew that my diet had to be a priority.  I immediately connected with her as she shared her own weight loss struggles and successes with me.  She guided me with practical tips that I was able to immediately apply to my daily routine.  I’ll never forget her telling me to start with just ONE CHANGE…..adding additional modifications from there.  I thought……I’ve never done that before.  I historically have always begun a plan with many drastic changes which never resulted in a good outcome.  Erin helped me realize the error of my ways, but in a very supportive way.  Erin makes dieting fun and practical.   For instance, I learned so much from the Trader Joes Grocery Store Tour that she took us on. Maybe the best thing that I can say about Erin is that she understands what works and what doesn’t work.  She is the voice of experience.  As she helps you meet your goals and change your not so good habits into healthy ones, she will be the first one to pat you on the back and tell you what a great job that you are doing.  It is important to hear that you a doing a great job as the fuels you to continue to do well.

– Therese R.


Erin Dubich has been invaluable  to me in my atttempt to eat healthy and help reach my weight loss goals,always ready with a suggestion or a new recipe. Whenever I get to speak to her I feel so lucky to be able to talk with such a knowledgable person on  clean eating, and any questions to help me in my goals to eat healthy and enjoy it. She is such a real person and so friendly I feel confident in her advice.

– Jean D.


The first time I met Erin was through Fit-Code Boot Camp when I attended a cooking class.  Erin is very knowledgeable about nutrition and isn’t afraid to experiment with recipes.  She makes cooking healthy fun.   Every time I have emailed Erin with a crazy nutrition question she gets back to me immediately and never makes me feel inferior because I don’t know something.  Erin is very kind, smart, empathetic and extremely motivating.  She has the ability to make everyone feel special but she is the one that is special and I’m happy to call her my friend!

– Mary M.


Erin is extremely knowledgeable and is very helpful.  Erin is very outgoing and is a wonderful speaker.  Erin is inspirational, committed and encouraging!!!  She has helped my through my journey! Could not have done it without her!!!  Erin, thank you for everything!!!

– Karen O.