How Can You Ease the Overwhelm?

Posted on Posted in Personal Growth

Part of the reason why we get sick, stressed, overwhelmed, and stuck is because we feel like we need to do everything ourselves. Too much action, forcing, doing, pushing. That’s Masculine energy.

Yesterday I overheard a woman who was trying to help herself out the door with something huge and heavy in her hands. She refused help opening the door saying, “I have to man up.”

Whoa. That’s just a small case, but if we can’t even let someone help us out the door, how do we expect to be lifted out of heavier situations? Feminine energy is allowing yourself to be supported. All this giving needs to be balanced with receiving.

Do yourself a favor. Sit up, pull your shoulders down and back. Push your heart out. Your heart needs to be open to receive all the love and support that’s available. Believe me, there is A LOT of help, but it only shows up if you stop blocking it with the need to control everything and do it yourself.


Be open to all the ways you can be supported.