How to Lose Weight Permanently + Naturally

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I lost around 80 pounds, and I’ve kept it off for several years, never re-gaining anything. I share this with you because the power of my own story and healing can help yours.

How I did it:
I did it without a scale. I have never owned a scale.
I did it without being on a diet program. I always included flexibility in my eating.
I did it without buying specific, sketchy, expensive nutrition products or food products.
I did it without incessantly tracking calories.
I did it without incessantly measuring my food.
I did it without going crazy.
I did it without an accountability partner. I have, and always will be, my own accountability partner.

The truth is:

I did it by trusting myself.
I did it by trusting the process.
I did it by trusting the answers + the resources + the people that would give me the clues would be placed on my path. (Thank you, GOD.)
I did it because I knew since I was little that teaching my natural process was my SOUL’S PURPOSE.
I did it by BELIEVING I would.
I did it with persistence + resilience + courage + vulnerability.
I did it by eating whole foods.
I did it by getting at least adequate protein.
I did it by regular strength training.
I did it by giving up traditional cardio.
I did it by making new friends that were also really interested in healthy living.
I did it by FEELING the success, instead of it being measured by a scale.
I did it by allowing myself to rest + sleep + take days off from working out.
I did it by tapping into the huge well of LOVE inside me, and feeling that love every single day.
I did it because of an exciting vision of my future (LOVE), and not because of what would happened if I failed (FEAR). Lead with love, not fear.
I did it by feeling and acknowledging my self-worth.
I did it by realizing that I deserve to have the body + life of my dreams.
I did it by releasing everything that doesn’t serve me, like certain clothes, foods, friends, drinks, beliefs and fears.
I did it by creating a healthy relationship with food.
I did it by expressing gratitude for the healthy food in front of me at mealtime.
I did it by turning off all distractions while I ate.
I did it through many other mindful eating practices.
I did it by celebrating and feeling grateful that I would fulfill my desires BEFORE I actually did. Feeling great is a prerequisite to success, not a prize for getting there.

#98 I made this!


I say this to help you. I say this without judgment. It’s okay if you’ve used a scale and incessantly tracked calories. You can stop doing that right now. Measuring success externally does not serve your mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical health.Contact me if you want to get the body + life of your dreams the real, honest, courageous, vulnerable, life-changing way. I promise it is a life full of freedom and peace.

My coaching clients do not use a scale to measure their success. They measure their success by knowing and feeling it. They do it by trusting the process. They recognize success by the amount of love they feel inside, and they know it because they have to buy new, smaller jeans.

My coaching clients do not count calories, track their calories burned, or measure their body. I am certain the greatest, deepest knowing of success is FEELING it, not counting it. If you have a hard time digesting that, but you kind of get it, TRY IT.  TRUST IT. There is no greater feeling than loving your entire body, accepting yourself, and knowing you deserve to experience your wishes and desires.

You can HAVE IT ALL. You can have the body you desire, plus all the good feelings you desire. I know people that learn to love themselves, but the weight isn’t coming off (yet). Loving yourself is a pre-requisite to losing AND keeping the weight off AND feeling joy throughout the process.

Do you lose the weight, gain some back, lose the weight, gain some back, and keep cycling through it? Something is not working. Something is missing here. Regardless of whether your program or approach is effective, something is missing. I’ll tell you what’s missing: Deep self-love and acceptance is essential. Deep-rooted belief in yourself is essential. Trusting the process is essential.

Read this again to let it sink in.
Share this with the world if it resonates.

Contact me if you want to get the body + life of your dreams the real, honest, courageous, vulnerable, life-changing way. I promise it is a life full of freedom and peace. You’re invited to set up a complimentary 30-minute call, and we’ll see if we are a good fit for coaching. This is not a coaching call, but rather a time to see if you are ready for success and a good fit for my coaching style. Do it now if you want help.