How to write a gratitude list that will make waves of love in your heart

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Gratitude is one of the best and deeply moving feelings you can feel. It makes feeling joy, love, passion, enthusiasm and radiance easier when you’re in that high state of emotion.

I wrote this so you can take your gratitude from lukewarm to burning hot.


I’m thankful for my family, and that my sister is my best friend. I’m thankful that I have a warm home and good food. I’m thankful for a job that pays the bills, and being able to spend the holidays with my family. I’m thankful that I like my job, and some of my co-workers. I’m thankful that I’m alive. I’m thankful for my dogs and for great music to listen to while I’m working out.


Those are nice sentiments, but you feel the deepest appreciation when you get super-detailed. We all know that the little things make the big difference.


I feel gratitude for Christmas mugs galore! For bras that last awhile and for eating slowly; for the freedom to speak my mind!; for that hot little navy dress that my friend Kristina let me borrow so graciously (and it fit like a tight glove!); for cardamom essential oil and how it makes me feel warm and spicy.

I feel gratitude for homemade kombucha; for Law of Attraction videos on YouTube that I love to listen to while I eat lunch; workout clothes I feel sexy in. I feel gratitude for Patrice Turner’s compliment yesterday in our networking group’s FB page that “Erin Dubich is the real deal.” I’m still grinning over that. (Mark Twain once said he could live a month on a compliment.)

I feel gratitude for my legs, especially my thighs and calves; for the opportunities to be a guest speaker at 3 different networking groups this fall, that I didn’t have to pursue at all.

I feel gratitude for plenty of time for hot baths, just about every day; for lots of blank paper to brainstorm; for so much inner wisdom; a black pen that writes BEAUTIFULLY; and for lavender essential oil. I feel gratitude for the gift of eloquent speaking and communication; for the fuzzy-lined, dark green leggings I’m wearing; and that Amy buys me at least one really cool mug every year for the incessant amount of tea I drink; which reminds me that I’m thankful for good bourbon and hot toddies.


#78 pink dress hand heart
Ladies and gents, those four paragraphs you read are things I wrote down TODAY. I write a list like that almost every single day, filled with really specific things. When I’m having a day where I want to feel better about myself, I write things like: “my curiosity; my persistence; my tenacity; that I feel joy so easily; that I’m a loyal and loving friend.” It makes me feel even more grateful that I am myself, and not anyone else.

Appreciation puts you in a receptive state that allows you to receive more and more. What you focus on expands! When you feel grateful, you’ll lovingly be given more to feel grateful for.