If You’re Tired of Scales and Sick of Struggling, I wrote you a Letter of Love + Trust.

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[An open letter to all women sick of scales, sick of struggling, and praying for a peaceful way to be healthy, feel good, and have the body they crave for the rest of their lives. You are welcome to use this as your letter to your “new” self. Inspired by a conversation I had tonight with a woman I’m coaching.]


I am taking a new path to vitality and health. I am on a new path of energy and vibrancy. It is a new path filled with freedom and peace; a new path of loving myself, caring for myself, and nurturing myself. A new path permeated with TRUST in God, and TRUST in myself. I will not place trust in measuring cups, diet books, expensive food products, or the scale. I will not place trust in that one specific diet plan that will finally work, that seems to be elusive.

I said goodbye to my scale after decades of measuring my self-worth with it each morning. I threw that scale in the trash can, because it represents the garbage mentality of “I’m good today” or “I’m bad today.” I am finished measuring my self-worth with a number. A number! I don’t need a number to tell me I’m doing well, because dammit, I can FEEL that I’m doing well. I trust that I’m doing well. That’s priceless, and I know it’s the key to keeping the fat off for the rest of my life.

I’m done with old patterns. I’m done with ugly self-judgment. I’m done with giving myself ultimatums of “If I don’t weigh ___ pounds by January 2016, then _____.” I have tried all the diet plans and read all the diet books and signed up for all the diet programs I’ll ever do. I’m done with them. Each book, plan, and cookie-cutter program represents my old narrow-minded belief that the answer is outside myself.

I have all the resources I need. I am beginning to trust myself, trust God, and trust the great teachers in my life who remind me of the wisdom and knowledge I already have deep inside.

I am done being overwhelmed. I am done believing it has to be a long, complex, and arduous journey. The way is actually simple. I will let it be easy. I allow things, behaviors and people to fall out of my life, that aren’t aligned with my exciting future (which actually begins now!). I easily let the old self-sabotaging behaviors fade away. I may not be perfect at first, but I will be persistent, patient, and trusting.

I give my worries to God. Worry is a prayer for chaos. I choose to let this weight loss journey be filled with peace, ease, and delight. When I find myself in an old pattern, or beating myself up with mean words, I give that fear up to God and is transmuted into peace. In those moments where I’m tempted to eat my feelings, I choose stillness. Stillness requires courage and provides answers. I have an infinite amount of courage for this journey. I believe whole-heartedly that I’ll receive the physical outcome I desire. This may take years, but it won’t take years to feel damn good. I can begin feeling healthy and energetic immediately. I don’t have to wait to feel good. Waiting to feel good is an act of self-punishment, and I LOVE myself. I honor myself. I accept myself. I deserve to feel great NOW.

I am already filled with gratitude for committing to a new perspective and a new start. I am filled with gratitude that I’m allowing myself to feel amazing right now. I feel gratitude for all the lessons in the past. I feel gratitude for all the times I’ve sabotaged myself, and all the times I began again. I feel gratitude for all my teachers and all the wisdom I received. I feel gratitude that I already have everything I need to be successful, and that more teachers and wisdom are up ahead, along my journey to my desired body. I feel gratitude for all the self-love I am cultivating, and all the new self-care practices I will be implementing. I feel gratitude for all the people who are cheering me on and supporting me in my new way of living. I feel gratitude for all the people I can reach out to, who will re-direct me to the path of love.

I feel gratitude for this new perspective, because it is the solution I’ve been craving all along; a solution of wisdom, patience, trust and self-love. I feel gratitude that I am deserving of my desires. I feel gratitude that I am no longer measuring my self-worth with a scale, or any other external object. The internal feeling of success is what I’ve been craving all along. This powerful internal feeling is LOVE.


Written to the background music of “Make It Happen” by Mariah Carey.