It’s Not Just a Weight-Loss Journey.

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It’s mind blowing that a year ago today I was 215 pounds, and now I am guest-blogging on a nutrition blog! I hope my story inspires at least one reader to say, “2014 WILL BE LIFE- CHANGING FOR ME.”

On December 5, 2012, I was cleaning my hardwood floors and I collapsed. I had been getting this tingly-charlie horse type feeling in my left arm and left leg, but I thought it was a pinched nerve from carrying my sales bag. I ignored it for weeks. The only reason I went to the ER after collapsing was to get muscle relaxers! When the nurse came in, she told me I had a stroke, and was being admitted. I lost it. I actually have tears rolling down my face, right now, thinking about those words. “You had a stroke, Diane. We need to run tests and keep you here overnight.”

I was 28, a newlywed, madly in love, had an awesome job, great life, amazing family, I have never been a smoker, I was not on birth control, no family history of strokes….so how…did…this…happen?

I was in the hospital for five nights. I had some free time to think and reflect.  I decided that 2013 would be different. I decided that I would CHANGE MY LIFE.  My thought process was not “I want to lose weight. I NEED to lose weight.” I made the decision that I was going to flip life upside-down! That is exactly what I did. I didn’t know how I was going to do it and I didn’t really have a plan, I just knew that come hell or high water, life was going to change.  This was scary, no doubt. I don’t even like to make small talk with the cashier at the grocery store; stepping out in front of the whole world and declaring my mission was terrifying. However, I did it anyway.

Diane, Before:After

I knew that for life to change, big things needed to happen. I could no longer be the girl who said, well I’ll try this, this diet pill is only $25, I will give this gym a whirl, I will try this, try that…you see I have tried everything. Trying things did not pan out for me, obviously. I was 28 with a blood clot in my brain. Since the answer or reason three different doctors and two specialists gave me was ‘ahhh, it was just a fluke’. Yep, that was my $7,462.39 answer. My intuition told me it was my lifestyle. The stroke happened, in my genius opinion, because of the stress, negativity, bad food choices, and lack of movement. My decision was to jump completely into a new life!

My weight-loss journey started with the normal healthy eating and exercise plan, but it did not stop at that point. I also started a life changing journey. I decided to put myself and my struggles in front of everyone on Facebook. I needed accountability. I thought if I can inspire others, if people are watching me, then I will not give up or else I’ll be a joke! Believe me, it was scary. Everything I did was terrifying. I’ll say it again, I was scared! I do not like to be judged, I am a private person. I even get anxious when I leave parties because I go over every word I say to every person and then freak out wondering if I said or did the wrong thing. I did it anyway. I put myself out there. I made my journey public. Soon enough, friends and “Facebook friends” started asking me for help. I started online groups. Now people were really counting on me! I thought “oh-no, I’m IN THIS NOW…I cannot be made a fool!”

Then, I dove deeper. I bought self- help audio books. I made personal development a priority. I decided to focus on positivity and gratitude. Sounds hokey-pokey? Well, it works. I went through my Facebook newsfeed and clicked ‘hide’ for every single person, family and friends, who continuously complained. People will either drain you or lift you up! I choose to surround myself with healthy, positive role models. There are more healthy, positive people than you would think. You just have to LOOK. Positivity and personal development have been key in my 42-pound weight loss so far.

Diane Schubert has had an amazing transformation. On the left, about a year ago. On the right, more recently.
Diane Schubert has had an amazing transformation. On the left, about a year ago. On the right, more recently.

I struggle. I am a real person. I still eat Taco Pizza. I still fall off the wagon and eat brownies. The BIG difference is, now, I do not give up. I give in on occasion, but I will never give up! The support system I created and the personal development that I made a priority make this possible.

You can create any passion you desire. Did you notice that throughout my story I took action? I did not stand by and let life go on without me. I made changes and I created a new life! You can do it too. Anyone can!  I never thought I would be considered a passionate person when it came to health and fitness, or passionate about anything for that matter. I have been overweight my entire life. Fitness and nutrition was for ‘those people’. It’s funny, mind-blowing actually, how life changes.

Small changes add up to big results. One decision can change your life. For example, this time last year I was having a cobbler-baking competition with my husband, a Paula Dean cookbook was on the coffee table, pizza was in the fridge, and the only thing on my to do list was to bake cookies. Tonight, my husband is in the kitchen cooking a veggie stir fry prepared with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, the books The Best Things you can Eat and You are a Badass are on my coffee table, my fridge is full of glass bowls with pre measured portions of vegetables, fruits, and lean meats, and my to do list is: be inspiring and help one person today.

A healthy lifestyle, the kind illlustrated on Pinterest, the kind you sigh and say “I wish I was born with that body…” that lifestyle is possible! The first thing to do is break down your mental barriers. YOU CAN CREATE ANY LIFE YOU DESIRE. Just do it! If you are afraid, do it anyway. Invest in yourself from the inside out and you will, I promise, you WILL be utterly shocked and amazed at your weight loss and life transformation!

If I can do this, you can do this. I was 215 pounds and did not know a single thing about fitness.  My nutrition knowledge consisted of “wheat bread is better than white bread.” I was stressed to the max.

Diane is beautiful in both photos. You can tell the difference in confidence and happiness between the two, though!
Diane is beautiful in both photos. You can tell the difference in confidence and happiness between the two photos, though!

NOW, I weigh 172 lbs and am still losing! I love, and actually crave workouts (I even lift weights now, whaaaatt?? Haha). Now, I know that even wheat bread isn’t healthy and how salty food is. I know about caloric intakes, portion sizes, measuring, dicing, owning (!) a knife set, and literally having almost a completely stress free life that is full of positivity and fun, plus having a feeling of fulfillment after just one short year. Anyone can do this! I have faith in you, yes you reading this, you can change everything. Believe in yourself and start today!


Diane Schubert, former junk food addict and owner of Schuberts Get Fit