Let it be easy.

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Much of what I share with you is inspired by eavesdropping.


Two ladies in my Create Your Body Breakthrough program, were talking about reasons they’ve failed at weight loss over many years. One of Lady One’s stories is about how her fat “talks to her” during her weight loss attempts, saying it’s not going anywhere no matter what diet she tries or how hard she tries. One of Lady Two’s stories is that she doesn’t feel good enough if she isn’t thin enough. It’s a very strong belief that she is aware of, and trying to let go of, because she knows it’s not true.

I asked these ladies what it would take for them to “get there,” to make their intention happen, to be incredibly consistent with their new habits and ways of thinking. One woman replied consistency, self-love and self-compassion. It was so refreshing to me, because if you ask mostly any woman, “What will it take to reach your goal?” they may answer:

Hard work
A lot of effort
More exercise
Being more strict
Giving up sweets
Giving up alcohol
Willpower and discipline

One thing I learned on my journey of losing 80 pounds and keeping it off is this: I made it a lot harder than it needed to be. Probably because of our culture’s belief that success takes blood, sweat and tears. That belief has been permeated in articles I read, and conversations I overheard, telling me that the journey was going to be really challenging, that I’d have to struggle. Suggestion: Make your own beliefs.

I’m not going to pretend it’s easy; however, we make it harder than it needs to be. One of my current mantras is “Let it be easy.” If that feels like a stretch, how about “Let it be easier.”

Your new mantra_

DO THIS: Write down on a piece of paper what healthy habit you’ve struggled with the longest. Is it eating healthfully consistently? Is it getting enough sleep? Is it being more compassionate? Write down what has felt hard for a long time. Then write yourself, in your most beautiful handwriting, “I’m letting it be easy” or “I’m letting it be easier.”
Sending much compassion,


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