Read these 6 Lessons Learned from the BEST Lean Jeans Transformation

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Recently I led the fourth edition of our Lean Jeans transformation program at Fit Code, where I have worked as a dietitian for nearly two years. This transformation program gets people hotter, leaner, fitting well in their jeans, and feeling amazing. This fall, 100 people participated in the BEST round yet.


Here is a run-down of what these 100 people did to get results:

  1. Attended our 45-minute metabolic resistance training (a type of strength training) classes 2-4 times a week
  2. Followed the nutrition program and guidelines for nine weeks
  3. Tracked their compliance with food logs and compliance charts
  4. Stayed accountable to themselves, and/or with a team of five people
  5. Had their body fat and lean mass calculated before and after via hydrostatic body fat testing


How much body fat can you lose in 9 weeks?

Before I answer, let me say that I know the do’s and don’ts of fat-loss like the back of my hand. I informed our participants of what they needed to do for the absolute best results in nine weeks.

Also before I answer this question, let me also share that we used the most accurate method for testing body composition (fat and lean tissue). Calipers, scales, and hand-held tools are not accurate. They are halfway-decent for getting an estimate of body fat percentage. However, I’ve seen them as much as 8% off. They’re a waste in most cases because people can get very upset about numbers. Even incorrect numbers!

We used hydrostatic body fat weighing, also known as underwater weighing. People get into a giant tub and exhale as much air out as they can. The administrator is an expert running the test and gives a really cool report that includes a lot of useful information.  Below is an image of my recent report:

This kind of body composition analysis shows you if you lost or gained lean mass and fat mass.
This kind of body composition analysis shows you if you lost or gained lean mass and fat mass.


Our “biggest loser” was Ed, who lost 6.1% body fat in nine weeks. Eight women lost between 5-6% body fat. Many of these women were between 40 and 55 years old. Amazing. The average body fat lost was 3.0%.


Invaluable Lessons Learned

  1. Get it done. Now! If you know what works, implement it. Don’t waste time, energy, effort, and sanity by giving partial effort. Some people take a year to do what these folks did in two months.
  2. Don’t stress. The people with the best results were completely engaged, optimistic, and enthusiastic throughout the challenge. They took full accountability and responsibility for their results. They didn’t make excuses and they believed in themselves.
  3. Know your “why.” The people with the best results had a purpose. They were driven. They had a strong desire that was connected to a personal reason. The woman with the second highest body fat lost found out she was pre-diabetic at the beginning of the challenge. Now that is inspiration to stick with better habits!
  4. Get support. I believe there is a small percentage of people that will (not can, but will) get their results independently, without the support of others. Most people benefit immensely from support. Get support from your partner, your kids, your sister, your best friends, your co-workers, and your gym buddies. They will help you to remember your “Why” when you are tempted to give up.
  5. Change your habits, and change your life. I talked to each of these men and women after their body fat test results. So many of them remark how their life has been changed by the effects of committing to this challenge. When you make changes consistently, and you see the results, you feel stronger in every aspect of your life.
  6. Begin to believe, really believe, in yourself. This is a biggie. You can say the group support helped you. You can say the program helped you, but when you make the decisions every day to take care of yourself and feel good, YOU are responsible for the results. You begin to wholeheartedly belief that you are capable of what seemed so out 0f reach.

Congratulations to everyone that felt successful on this challenge! Our team at Fit Code is proud of each of you.


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