Say What You Want!

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Feel Amazing Now! Secret #1:

Say what you want, and not what you don’t.


If you don’t like something, you want your experience of it to be better. You want it to feel better, that’s really the truth. For example, when someone asks you what your ideal friendship is like, and a recent experience has you feeling sour, you may respond with, “Well, I don’t want any drama, and I don’t want anyone negative, and I don’t want to be friends with anyone insecure.”

That is exactly the wrong kind of list. That’s what you don’t want, not what you DO want.  What the better response is: “I want a happy friend, who is peaceful and secure in herself, and who always feels good to be around.” Those are two very different descriptions to the same question. Read both answers aloud again. The second one feels WAY better. It MATTERS how you describe what you want. Use your words wisely. Next time you make a list with the intention of being healthier, describe the actions you will take, not what you’ll stop doing.


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