Self-Love: You Claim It. Do You Practice It?

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I have a hand-written notecard on my desk:


Earlier this fall, I wrote about self-care. Self-care includes how you feed and fuel your body and mind. How well you care for yourself is a reflection of how much self-love and self-respect you have. By getting a comprehensive view of a person’s destructive habits and self-care habits, you can get a pretty accurate glimpse of how much self-love and self-respect they have.

Many people take good care of other people but don’t take good care of themselves. If this happens for a long-period of time, you will burn out. You may even find yourself with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

You may be in a relationship where you sacrifice “you” time to accommodate the other’s demands. If much of your time is consumed with your job and work, then what is your next priority? Your partner? Your family? Your hobbies? Or is it your health, your peace of mind?

You may be a working mom with several young kids. Can you make it happen somehow? Taking care of yourself does not mean finding 10 hours a week to spend alone. It may be one hour on two or three days a week. Can you think creatively on how to make it happen? Can you take your kids for a walk with you? Can you get them involved in chopping vegetables or putting salad ingredients into a bowl? Can you ask a friend or family member to stop over for an hour while you take some time for yourself? Maybe it really is difficult to carve time for yourself, but you can also create self-care by removing things from your life that do not serve you.

You may, admittedly, have plenty of time to take care of yourself, but just don’t.

Everyone has a unique situation. You may not have kids but you work two jobs and take care of a sick parent. Some people cannot afford a gym membership and have a small budget for food. Everyone has obstacles. Sometimes the obstacle is laziness. Maybe it is lack of inspiration.


What are examples of self-care?

  • Eating a nutritious breakfast in the morning.
  • Saying NO to an invite when you are drained.
  • Scheduling time to go grocery shopping.
  • Spending money on new gym shoes instead of blowing it on something you don’t really need.
  • Giving up habits that wreck your health, like smoking and binge drinking.
  • Helping yourself to create a healthy body image by not comparing your body to others.
  • Spending less time watching television, especially if you need to move more or sleep more.
  • Not bringing junk food into your house.
  • Giving up food with artificial ingredients, like diet pop.
  • Practicing yoga or meditation regularly.
  • De-cluttering your home.
  • Spending time with friends who also value themselves.


Think about someone you care deeply about. Would it bring you joy to see them steadfast in their self-love? Would it bring you peace to see them continuously carve out time for self-care? Do you know someone like this? Do you admire them? Are they a role model?

Do you want to BE like that person? Someone whom others look to with admiration? Remember to give yourself more love and affection than anyone else anywhere.


What does “taking care of yourself” mean to you?  Please share in the comments below.