Stop Beating Yourself Up when you Overeat

Posted on Posted in Kindness + Compassion, Nourishment, Personal Growth

Here’s a solution for anyone and everyone who overeats and wants to stop, while still being kind and loving: 

“Now would be a good time to stop.”


Say it to yourself whenever you need it, out loud or silently.

This phrase was born in a moment where I was eating way past the FULL mark and I knew it. I was about to get frustrated and reprimand myself, but I remembered that I teach self-compassion and self-kindness to other women. While reprimanding yourself feels bad and makes things worse, compassion and kindness are healing.


Q: How could I get myself to put the fork down without muttering something rude and hurtful to myself?

A: “Now would be a good time to stop” popped into my head. “That feels nice,” I thought. It feels neutral. It feels kind. I like it.

It’s not a smooth journey to create a healthy relationship with food and eating. Kindness and compassion will ease the rough patches. Be nice. Be kind. Be compassionate with yourself and others.