The best reason for getting healthy.

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Canva January 18

Let’s be honest. Wanting to fit into your favorite clothes is classic motivation. You know it and I know it. But how often have you started eating healthier to fit into something you love, only to A) eventually cycle back to where you were or B) hit a plateau?

You get entirely different results when your intention is from a place of love. The results are long-lasting and you feel much better during the process, and not just when you hit the goal.
This is what it sounds like when FEAR is your motivation:

“I can’t fit into my clothes”
“I’m not healthy”
“I’m scared to be fat or get [insert disease]”
“I’ve been gaining weight”
“I weigh too much”
“I feel horrible”
“I feel like everyone looks at me and thinks I’m fat”
“I’m not as healthy as I once was”
“I’m not good enough, looking like this”
“The scale says ____.”
“I’ve been eating bad and I feel guilty, so I have to get back on track.”

When we set out on a journey from a place of LOVE, it feels like this:

“My life is precious and I need to honor my body.”
“I get to carry around my body for my whole life, and I’m going to take care of it.”
“My health is my priority because I am my priority.”
“I want to feel good because I deserve to feel good.”
“I want to look good to myself because I deserve to.”
“I’m getting back on track because I appreciate the body I have.”

Your action steps can be the same (healthier diet, more exercise, more water, etc), but the results will look and feel entirely different if your intention comes from a place of love. It’s easier to stay on track, be proud of yourself, forgive yourself if you slip, and like yourself when your intention is from a place of love and respect.

Think of all those times you were motivated by a fear-based intention. They are pervasive in our society. It’s sick. We live in a society that primarily motivates people from fear, so that’s what we do unconsciously.

It matters MORE that your intention is pure and loving than what diet you are on, or that you’ve been “eating well.” Each time you feel motivated or inspired to do something healthy, ask yourself why. Is it because you “still need to lose 15 more pounds?” Is it because you’re not lean enough yet? Or is it because you feel like it’s the best thing you can do to honor your body?


Next time you feel motivated to avoid sweets or order a salad, immediately ask yourself what your intention is. You can still take that action, but purify your intention first.