The desperate search for self-love via weight-loss

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You don’t really want the money. You want to feel immense freedom.
You don’t really want the girl. You want to feel love.
You don’t really want the vacation. You want to feel bliss and rejuvenation.
You don’t really want the cookie. You want to feel deliciousness.
You don’t really want the cigarette. You want to feel good.

What we are seeking is NOT a material outcome; it’s a feeling.

After years of desperately wanting to lose weight, I realized what I wanted was self-acceptance and self-worth. Also known as love. Self-love only shows up when the hot body does, I thought. Raise your hands up high if you hear me!

Say that a woman meets her goal weight, and she’s still not happy. This happens often. That’s because the feeling of love and happiness does not come from an external circumstance. She’s making love conditional on having a certain body. Lesson: you can still meet your goal and be dissatisfied. The biggest reason women regain weight is because losing it in the first place did not give them the feeling of self-love they were truly seeking.

Let’s say that a woman acknowledges that scales give away her power, (which they often do). She decides to make her goal to get into a certain pair of jeans. She reaches the goal of getting into those jeans, and she’s happy for a minute, but if she hasn’t started owning her self-worth and loving herself, the happiness of getting into those jeans isn’t going to last long.

You can still set goals. Just realize that, unless you do the internal work of loving yourself, you will never feel truly satisfied by reaching an external goal.

We are all on a journey of loving ourselves, but it doesn’t come from having a certain body. I am 100% in favor of each of us creating the healthy body we want, but the power is in realizing your gifts and your worth. That’s when you become truly happy.

As you set goals and intentions for 2016, realize that the material outcomes you seek will NEVER, EVER feel as good as loving yourself does. They will never replace inner peace, joy, freedom, love and creative self-expression. This year, focus on feeling good internally. More abundance will follow.

Love & Peace,