Learn what to buy at Trader Joe’s to keep you healthy.


Registered Dietitian Erin Dubich has worked at Trader Joe’s since 2011. A grocery store tour with Erin shows you the best & tastiest options to keep you healthy and satisfied, based on your taste buds, nutrition preferences, and health goals.




A grocery store tour is a walking nutrition consultation. Instead of a boring sit-down consultation where you end up forgetting most of what you learned, you get a more exciting environment where you can pick up products and ask whether they’ll help you get healthier.

I’m a dietitian, and I’ve worked at Trader Joe’s since 2011. I’ve tried all the foods you haven’t tried. So many meal and snack ideas you haven’t entertained. There are lots of ideas waiting for you to explore and they’ll help you stay healthy and have sustained energy throughout the day.




You’ve been in a store thousands of times. WHY DO YOU NEED A TOUR? 


You’re missing some really good stuff. Zipping in and out the grocery store, mostly buying the same things every time, you occasionally put something new in your cart. But when your eyes are only scanning the same shelves, and there are so many good things packed in a small space, you’re bound to miss a lot of good items.






More confidence in choosing groceries that support your health goals. Do you want to lose fat? Are you newly diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension? Do you simply want to buy healthier foods for you and the family? Do you need a boost of motivation + inspiration to get back on track?

More ideas for you to stay on track with your goals. The tours are personalized. You tell me what your health goals are. You pull products off the shelf and ask whether they’re good to buy. I give you ideas on what to buy, and provide lots + lots of health information, like the difference between conventional and organic; how much fat, protein + carbs are good for you; what snacks are good for energy; and much more.





Group tours (3 people or more) are $40 per person.

Individual tours are $70 per person.

Couples are $90.







For some reason, I just never learned how to make the most of my trips to the grocery store and for years was intimidated by choices and options. But Erin patiently walked me through everything and pointed out all the key things to look for when choosing things like cuts of meat and options for salads and different types of carb options and condiments and dairy and cheeses and so on and so on. She even gave me a basic primer on vitamins and supplements and we made a stop in the wine section!

I left feeling confident and excited about doing more of my own cooking and gaining much more positive control over what I put into my body. Thanks so much for the great tour today, Erin! I learned so much and enjoyed my time with you. Thanks for your patience in answering my questions.

Kirk Kicklighter




I am very thankful for the opportunity my wife and I had to learn from a dietician as knowledgeable as Erin in the setting of a grocery store where we shop. Being around all of the items I typically purchase prompted me to ask many questions I otherwise would have only thought to ask on my way home….

During the tour I gained an intense appreciation for how much added sugar I was consuming, and I already have specific ideas to lower my daily sugar intake:

  1. i) I plan to use natural peanut butter instead of creamy peanut butter
    ii) I plan to decrease the sugar I consume in liquid forms
    iii) I plan to eliminate my use of creamy salad dressings.

I appreciated Erin’s thoughtful and balanced approach to nutrition and food choices, as well as her nonthreatening communication style.

The tour went by very fast, and I feel better prepared to eat a healthier diet that will help me achieve my weight running goals and my weight loss goals.

David Claud, MD


====* DISCLAIMER *====

I am not paid by Trader Joe’s Company to do these tours, nor is Trader Joe’s responsible for any of the content, education, or opinions I express on the tours.