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I dare you.






I am THRILLED to announce my first program as an entrepreneur. I have taught close to 100 small group programs and classes over the last several years, and I have dreamed of this big day.


I am introducing a new, amazing program to prepare you for the holidays and get you started on the right foot for the New Year! The program contains everything you need to get through the holidays in a healthy, happy, and less-stressed way. Imagine that you are already in motion when 2015 hits. What does that feel like? Relief. Peace. Success. Confidence!


If there is anyone who can get you success while feeling happy and sane, it is me. I have lost 80 pounds and maintained it. Throughout the journey, I never gained any weight back. It’s because I revolutionized my relationship with food; developed strategies to stay true to my intention; and created healthy ways to be happy and feel comforted without getting it from ice cream and other carbs. I know, without a doubt, what it takes to transform.


The program is designed for you to feel focused and energized, to feel confident in making the right food choices, and to be strong through the holidays. One thing I love about the program is that we meet in-person, and you have the support of other people like you.


Many of us improved our health this year. If you had some ups and downs, or didn’t reach all your sky-high goals, I guarantee you made progress. You are healthier than you were 10 months ago.


This awesome program starts November 4. We will meet every Tuesday evening in November from 6:30 – 7:45, with an optional additional 15 minutes afterward if you’d like to stay for our Q & A session. The location will be solidified soon, but it will be in the Tinley Park/Oak Forest/Orland Park area.



Here are some highlights of what you’ll get:


  • A Meal Map (flexible template to design your own meals with actual food choices)


  • Top 10 Habits to lose fat and keep it off


  • Plateau-busting strategies. I am brilliant at this.


  • Learn portion control (and be confident) without measuring! How much is enough?!


  • Holiday Dishes: what do you choose? what do you say NO to?


  • Ideal food choices / Basic nutrition foundation


  • How to feel more peace during your journey


  • My number one tool you can use weekly to guarantee RESULTS. I used it for three years and it took me from size 10 to size 4. It will set you up for success for life. You will get a copy of it at the first class.


  • An ongoing private Facebook page where you can ask questions and receive group support


  • Something untraditional that you’ve probably never heard of for identifying food sensitivities


  • A surprise bonus gift that I’m crazy excited about! I’ve been using it for a month and LOVE it.



Let’s talk money. If you register with me before October 24, the program is $160. If you register between October 25 – October 28, the program is $180. There is a down-payment for the class that is due by October 31, which is 30% of your total. I do this because I am capping the program at 25 participants. I believe I will fill up the class and I want to make sure people who initially register come to the class 🙂


Think of any friends, family members,and  co-workers who would be up for this program! Think of your hairdresser, your friend at the gym, and anyone else you talk health/fitness/nutrition/body image with. Possibly your massage therapist, or some gals you did Weight Watchers with back in the day? Please share this blog post with them, and/or send me their email!


If you are ready to do make a beautiful change for yourself, and feel amazing throughout the holidays, all you need to do is email me at eldubich@gmail.com and say YES, I’m IN!



Let’s Do It.


Erin Dubich