When you’re sure no diet out there works for you.

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It’s a good thing that no diet out there works for you.

Almost every woman I’ve talked to about diet programs expresses frustration that nothing out there works for her. Often, these women think it’s their fault. They think the fat is staying forever because the Mediterranean diet didn’t work, Weight Watchers worked over and over again until you realized it didn’t, the South Beach diet worked for a little bit, Atkins worked for a hot minute, vegetarianism felt like restriction, and the raw diet was never an option for you.

You’ve tried 6 small meals a day, 3 regular-sized meals a day, 3 shakes a day, intermittent fasting, measuring your food, prepping your food, and planning out your week.

You’ve peered into fit peoples’ carts, asked your slimming co-worker how she lost the weight, and read every weight-loss article in Oprah, Self, and Women’s Health magazines.

You’ve discussed this subject to death, researched it to death, and talked about it with your friend until you got disgusted and ate some ice cream.

You were driven to feel fit and healthy, and you did all that in search of the one best way that would fulfill your desires and fit your lifestyle.

In case you need validation from me, you were right all along. That way you’ve been looking for everywhere doesn’t exist out there. The answer is not outside of you. It’s inside.


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