Customized coaching that helps you to feel better IN your body and ABOUT your body. Create a solid foundation to loving yourself and loving your body more. It’s soulful and practical. You’ll learn to incorporate more self-care and self-love practices into your day, the ones that feel right to you. You’ll begin new, do-able habits to propel you toward your dream. You’ll become more consistent with healthy eating. You’ll feel more positive and optimistic about life, body and food.

This program is completely personalized. Weekly or bi-weekly, we re-cap how your previous week was, we set a new intention, and we talk about the “icky crap” that keeps coming up that you want to kick to the curb. And we celebrate your wins!

Tracey, who I worked with 30 minutes per week, for 10 weeks, experienced all those awesome things above. She also decreased her worrying and over-analyzing, and began strength training 2x/ week. She could feel the transformation little by little, but was amazed when she looked back over the 10 weeks and realized how different she felt, and how much she accomplished!

She told me, “You helped me GET MY POWER BACK.”

Another woman accomplished this:

  • a gratitude practice
  • morning time for herself
  • a strength training and walking routine
  • greater feeling of self-love and self-acceptance
  • creating time every single day for self-care
  • more consistency with healthy eating
  • more time set aside for meal prep
  • more confidence in herself
  • better mood and energy level!


If you’re interested in coaching, then schedule a free 20-minute call with me here. It’s important for me to know your goals and see if I can truly help you. It’s also important to see if we’ll be a good match for working together. Coaching sessions are sold in packages. If, at the end of the call, you’re up for it, you’ll be offered a coaching package, and then we can move forward with the coaching.

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Private Workshops and Talks

Gather a group of people, and choose a topic that could really help you. Once I went to a law firm and taught 25 co-workers about nutrition. In January, my friend Andrea gathered her friends and family, and I facilitated a 2.5 hour talk on the emotional and spiritual roots of health and nutrition problems. Once, my friend Melody gathered 7 of her teacher-friends and I talked to them about positive self-talk, self-love and how to maintain their energy.

Cost is determined by number of people, location, and length. Please send me a message to set up a talk!

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Let me give you the most interesting, enlightening, and personalized grocery store shopping experience ever! In 90 minutes, you learn what foods to buy to meet your main health goals. You ask all the questions you need a dietitian for. Whether you want to get rid of stubborn fat, simply eat healthier, or control diabetes or high blood pressure, I can help. Tours happen at Trader Joe’s at your convenience for a cost of $80. See this page for testimonials.