You’ll Choose Better. Then You’ll Fail. Be Gentle with Yourself.

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The Good News: You have the power. You can make a better choice. You have infinite number of choices in your life, and you can always choose better with your next choice. All your choices add up to create your wellness, or your lack of wellness. You have the power to make one good choice at a time to create the body you feel best in.


The Reality Check: It gets easier to choose well, but the old pattern and the old impulses will resurface periodically. Like “eating your feelings,” “sabotaging your success,” “overeating,” and “numbing out with food.” You can choose to be present and honor your body, and get really good at that, but you’ll have your moments where you want to ignore your work and eat a bag of chips. And that’s okay. It’s part of the process and your human nature.


Good Advice: When you choose the old pattern — because it WILL creep up sometimes — you can choose to be kind and gentle with yourself. Choose not to beat yourself up because you did “bad.” Trust that, even if you got way off track, you’ll make more good choices over the days and weeks. They’ll add up and you’ll feel like your true self again. Trust the process.