Your Slight Edge Makes You Sexy

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Have you read The Slight Edge?

I didn’t read the whole book, but I don’t need to. Its powerful message is clear in the beginning. You can integrate it today! That’s even faster than Amazon Prime.


Integrate what’s important to you every day in a small way. It makes a significant impact over time without being a big time commitment every day.


Example 1:

If you did 5 push-ups every day with good form (even if you start on your knees), that’s 1,825 push-ups. Imagine how strong you would be in a year! You would be much stronger than if you did zero pushups for 11 months, and then did a push-up challenge where you did 500 in a month, which is 500 that same year. You’d probably get injured. Your form probably wouldn’t be as good because you were pushing too hard. Your form would be good. It wouldn’t be overwhelming. And it would seem so daunting. Five is easy. You can do five.

500 intensely, obsessively and more time-consuming pushups vs 1,825 costing you thirty seconds a day. Which approach will benefit you more?? Hmmm?


Example 2:

What if you placed your spare change in a jar each week and counted it after one year? You might have a few hundred bucks. What if that came in handy in an emergency?

Or what if you spent all your spare change during the week, and had no change at the end of the year? And then you had an emergency and needed to pull that few hundred bucks from the savings?


Example 3:

Or what if you wanted to lose some weight? AHEM. What if, every day, you drank more water, and ate a few less bites of food? What if, every day, you honored how truly hungry and full your stomach was? You’d either maintain your weight or lose the extra weight!

Or, what if you ate what you wanted until you were totally full, and you did this for months or years, and THEN you tried to get rid of all the weight quickly in 2-3 months?


Example 4:

What if you had a job or a commute that sacrificed your posture, and made you sore? You could do some stretching or yoga before bed each night, or you could skip it and slouch even more on the couch. If you did some stretching every evening, your body would feel better. If you never did any stretching, you could easily allow an injury, or severe pain to occur? Stretching every night before bed would cost you 10-20 minutes, or you could wait months or years, and then be in pain and have to seek out multiple medical treatments that would stress you out further. Choose daily stretching.


Can you see how the simple decisions you make every day significantly change your life?

What do you want to accomplish?

What can you begin doing every day that is absolutely doable, that will gradually help you reach that desire? Something that costs you very little time, money, and energy. Something that only requires you to pencil it in and make sure it gets done.


What habit will become your slight edge?